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Trier Kaiserthermen

Trier has around 100.000 inhabitants. It lies in the south-west of Germany, very close to the border with Luxembourg.

Trier is the oldest city in Germany, founded in the 4th century BC by the Celts. It was a major city in the Roman empire. Several monuments like the Porta Nigra and the Mosel bridge remain from that time. Trier is also the birth place of Karl Marx. Today it is mostly known as a wine growing region.

The main railway station of Trier is Trier Hauptbahnhof with direct connections to Koblenz, Luxembourg and Cologne. The nearest airports are Luxembourg and Frankfurt Hahn.

The city center where most of the hotels are is in walking range from the railway station (around 20 min), alternatively you can take the bus.

Trier is all over the year a popular travel destination, so it is recommended to book a hotel as early as possible. A list of hotels can be found on the usual hotel booking pages or on the Trier Tourismus page . If this page does not work, start from this page. Hotels with a good (bus) connection to the university and close to city centre are Hotel Paulin, Hotel Porta Nigra, Altstadt Hotel or Hotel Casa Chiara or Park Plaza Trier (all three with bus number 3) or Hotel Deutscher Hof (with bus number 6). Some hotels have special prices for the University of Trier, please ask or contact Olaf Post. The university is located about 3km away and 100m above the city centre direction south east. If you prefer stay closer to university, you could also choose Gasthaus Wollscheid in Tarforst, which is quite cheap.

To get to the university campus we recommend taking the bus, line 3 during week days for example from the main stop Porta Nigra, line 83 in the evening and on weekends, direction 'Weidengraben' or 'Tarforst, Ludwig-Erhard-Ring'. The stop is just called Universität. You need a 2-zone ticket (2,80 Euros) when starting in the city center. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver, cash only. Buying a bundle with 4 tickets is cheaper (8,40 Euros).